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March 23 2015


Agencytaobao Help To Buy From China Online


Agencytaobao.com can be a reliable Taobao broker, helping you buy goods from China online retailers at cheap price. with free service charge. As a professional taobao agent in English, they fight to stand out in the agents and impress the shoppers. But they still have much to enhance, especially the website function and user experience. - buy from taobao

Price and exchange rate
After you log on the account and paste the initial URL of the item, you could see the item price. Basically, it is the same as on taobao. In the event the item price doesn�t display correctly, you are able to edit it. That is considerate. Not many taobao agents provide this function. Domestic shipping fee is 15 yuan per package. Exchange minute rates are 1USD=6.1CNY.

Shipping method and shipping fee
Agencytaobao provides shipping method such as EMS, DHL, TNT and China Post. EMS is 50% off, which is a big discount. This is very important if you want to buy economical goods from China.

Service Fee and Minimum Charge
Their service charge is 5% of (item price+ domestic shipping fee+ international shipping fee), that is unique from those who adopt 10% of (item price+ domestic shipping fee) as service fee. It�s hard to say what type is better, since the international shipping fee could possibly be one big section of the cost, too. There isn't any minimum service fee.

Payment method and Payment Transfer Fee
Agencytaobao provides various payment methods, including Paypal (transaction fee is 4%+0.3USD), Credit Card, Webmoney, Western Union and Moneygram.

Communication skill and shopping guiding service
To assist you search items easier, agencytaobao provide a taobao English vertion. There's knowledge base, tutorial video and FAQs for custom support. And also are various useful tools and information. It will not be difficult for people to get familiar with all the issues that related to Agencytaobao. And you can also contact with them by live support. - buy from taobao

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